Most of America finds itself in the same situation. Working remotely, attending class online, and leaving the house as little as possible. We are doing this to “flatten the curve” and avoid further spreading Coronavirus (COVID-19). Federal, state, and local officials have asked American to practice social distancing by avoiding large crowds and staying at least 3-6 feet away from people.

Sports events and conferences have been canceled. Schools and church services have moved online. And while it may be inconvenient and somewhat uncomfortable, we are doing for the greater health of our nation.

To learn what social distancing, flattening the curve, self-quarantine, and other terms you are hearing in the media actually mean, check out this explanation from Johns Hopkins.

So in the meantime, you may find yourself with some extra time on your hands. I’ve created a list of things current or potential students can accomplish during study breaks or when taking a break from binge-watching your fav shows to make sure this extra time does not go to waste, but instead is very fruitful and productive.

1. Apply to Bishop State

Now is a perfect time to apply to the college! You can fill out our online application and our Admissions team is working remotely so they can process it and get you ready for the summer semester!

Click here to apply to Bishop State. If you have any questions, you can email

2. Complete your 2020-2021 FAFSA

While you and possibly your parents are at home, you can gather up all of the information you need to complete and submit your form. If you need some tips on how to get started, check out the Financial Aid & VA Services at Bishop State Facebook Group for all sorts of helpful tips. You can also email our Financial Aid and VA Services department at and they will be glad to assist you!

Note: Bishop State’s school code is 001030. For more information and resources visit the Financial Aid and VA Services page on our website.

3. Apply for Bishop State Scholarships

There are a few scholarships that are still accepting applications right now. Apply today before it’s too late.

4. Update your Wildcat Alert Information

While most information will be communicated via our website, your Bishop State email, Canvas, and the college’s Facebook page, Bishop State uses the Wildcat Alert system to send out emergency messages via, email, text message, phone calls, and voice messages. Be sure you get this important information by making sure your contact information is correct and up-to-date. You can log into your account using this link: You should have received an email with your login information from Bishop State Community College with the subject “Bishop State Wildcat Alert System!”

If you are having trouble logging into your account, please email

5. Get ready. BORIS is leaving. OneACCS is coming soon!

Bishop State Community College, along with all colleges in the Alabama Community College System (ACCS), is upgrading to a new, easy-to-use, student-friendly portal in Fall 2020 called OneACCS. This new system will replace BORIS for all your student needs, including registration, financial aid, payments, and more. With the new system you will also be getting a new student ID number which you will begin using in Fall 2020.

Learn more about the changes coming and how it will affect you here.

6. Participate in the 2020 Census

In March every address in the country will receive an invitation to complete a questionnaire. You can respond online, over the phone, or by mail. Click here for more information about the census and watch the video below to see why the census is so important.

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