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Take a look at the top fastest-growing middle-skills jobs in Alabama!

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Harold Williams, HVAC Instructor Harold Williams
HVAC Instructor
Lyle Coleman, Instructor Lyle Coleman
Hudson McGallagher, Diesel Technology Lead Instructor Hudson McGallagher
Diesel Technology Lead Instructor
Aviation Manufacturing Technology Aviation Manufacturing Technology
Erica Gilkerson, Project Lead - Workforce Development Erica Gilkerson
Project Lead - Workforce Development
Diana Black, Instructor Diana Black
Dwayne Bowers, Instructor Dwayne Bowers
Shawn Mounce, Instructor Shawn Mounce
Ernest Sheffield, Instructor Ernest Sheffield
Lester Turner, Instructor Lester Turner
Wade Dickerson, Barbering & Hairstyling Instructor Wade Dickerson
Barbering & Hairstyling Instructor
James Scott, Process and Maintenance Technology Instructor/Department Chair James Scott
Process and Maintenance Technology Instructor/Department Chair
Dr. Rhonda Lucas, Instructor, CIS Dr. Rhonda Lucas
Instructor, CIS
Cecil Turk, Instructor Cecil Turk
Lachan Rodgers, Cosmetology Lead Instructor Lachan Rodgers
Cosmetology Lead Instructor
Gabrielle Wilson, Culinary Arts Lead Instructor Gabrielle Wilson
Culinary Arts Lead Instructor
Henry Douglas, Culinary Arts Instructor Henry Douglas
Culinary Arts Instructor
Terrance Hunter, Instructor Terrance Hunter
Sara Coleman, Instructor Sara Coleman
Nealy Parker, Instructor - Electrical Technology Nealy Parker
Instructor - Electrical Technology
Chuck Dixon, Adjunct Instructor - Electrical Technology Chuck Dixon
Adjunct Instructor - Electrical Technology
Raquel Marshall, Electronics Instructor Raquel Marshall
Electronics Instructor
Bobby Lenox, Instructor Bobby Lenox
Nakita Gable, F.A.M.E. Success Coach Nakita Gable
F.A.M.E. Success Coach
A.J. Greggs, F.A.M.E. Coordinator/Success Coach A.J. Greggs
F.A.M.E. Coordinator/Success Coach
Erica Hunter, Graphic Communications Technology Instructor Erica Hunter
Graphic Communications Technology Instructor
Randall Shane Morrow, Machine Tool Instructor Randall Shane Morrow
Machine Tool Instructor
Darlisha Davis, Truck Driving Clerk Darlisha Davis
Truck Driving Clerk
Bradley Wallace, Truck Driving Lead Instructor Bradley Wallace
Truck Driving Lead Instructor
Hugh Praytor, Instructor Hugh Praytor
Joseph McCants, Instructor Weekend Class Mobile Joseph McCants
Instructor Weekend Class Mobile
Wade (Chico) McCollum, Instructor, Jackson Ala. Wade (Chico) McCollum
Instructor, Jackson Ala.
Jerome Maull, Welding Instructor Jerome Maull
Welding Instructor
Terry Moore, Welding Instructor Terry Moore
Welding Instructor