Nursing Pinning Ceremony


The Health Science Professions department offers a variety of health-related programs for students interested in helping, caring, & serving others. From an emergency medical technician to a certified nurse assistant to many other related areas, Health Science Professions has a program for you!

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Nursing Department Nursing Department
Jacqueline Smith, EdD, Nursing Division Chair, Instructor Jacqueline Smith, EdD
Nursing Division Chair, Instructor
Cora Carter, MSN, Nursing Instructor Cora Carter, MSN
Nursing Instructor
Vesta Fairley, MSN, Nursing Instructor Vesta Fairley, MSN
Nursing Instructor
Victoria King, DNP, Nursing Instructor Victoria King, DNP
Nursing Instructor
Bridget Robinson, PhD., Nursing Instructor Bridget Robinson, PhD.
Nursing Instructor
Elizabeth Fuller, DNP, Nursing Instructor Elizabeth Fuller, DNP
Nursing Instructor
Laurie Houston, MSN, Nursing Instructor Laurie Houston, MSN
Nursing Instructor
Deidre Rivers, MSN, RN, Nursing Faculty Deidre Rivers, MSN, RN
Nursing Faculty
PTA Department PTA Department
Lasonja Caver-Eaton, PTA Instructor Lasonja Caver-Eaton
PTA Instructor
Sandra Waltman, PTA Instructor Sandra Waltman
PTA Instructor
Gail Williamson, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT, PTA Program Director Gail Williamson, PT, DPT, Cert. MDT
PTA Program Director
Annalesia Sharp, MEd, RHIA, HIT Director/Instructor Annalesia Sharp, MEd, RHIA
HIT Director/Instructor
Courtney Sanderson, MEd, RHIA, HIT Instructor Courtney Sanderson, MEd, RHIA
HIT Instructor