Scholarships, Grants, Student Employment, and Loans

Bishop State strives to provide a variety of resources here to help students by administering many financial aid options including federal grants, state scholarships, scholarships, private student loans, private funding, tax benefits, student employment, and veteran education benefits.


Bishop State Community College offers numerous institutional scholarships including Academic, Performing Arts, Leadership and Service, Athletics, and Foundation Scholarships. A brief description of each scholarship offered at Bishop State, the scholarship amount, the criteria for the selection and retention of the scholarship can be viewed by clicking the button below.

Federal Grants

The federal government provides grant funds for students attending colleges, and universities. Grants, unlike loans, are sources of free money and typically grants do not have to be repaid. If a student withdraws from school early or doesn't fulfill other requirements, grants may have to be repaid. Click the button to read about the major federal student grant programs that are available at Bishop State.

Student Employment

Bishop State’s Federal Work-Study Program provides on-campus jobs for students demonstrating financial need. Eligibility is based on financial need, other aid awarded and availability of funds. Students are employed part-time, earn $10 per hour, and are paid monthly.

Private Student Loans

Bishop State Community College does not participate in the Federal Student Loan Program; however, there are private student loans available to students needing funds to attend school. Bishop State encourages responsible borrowing. Before considering a student loan, students and families should anticipate monthly loan payments and future earning potential.