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OneACCS - the new, easy-to-use, student-friendly portal is here! OneACCS will replace BORIS for all your student needs, including registration, financial aid, payments, and more.

One of the major changes coming with OneACCS is you will receive a new student ID number. It will start with an ‘A’, so we will refer to it as your “A-Number”. An email will be sent this month (in April) about your new ID number. This number will replace your current student ID beginning in Fall 2020.

Registration for Fall 2020 classes will begin in July. This year, the more credit hours you have earned, the earlier you’ll get to register for the classes you need for graduation. Stay connected with your academic advisor for the date and time you will need to register.

Don’t forget your current student ID number just yet! If you are taking summer classes, you will still use your current student number to register for those classes in BORIS. OneACCS – for registration purposes – only applies to Fall 2020 forward.

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