Students sitting at a table with laptops looking at a screen

The Bishop State Community College Office of Institutional Research is responsible for the fulfillment of the institutional mission and strategic plan through coordination of accreditation processes; institutional research, planning, and assessment; and institutional effectiveness.


The vision of the Office of Institutional Research is to provide a supportive, responsive environment to faculty, staff, and students for accountability and to promote integration and improvement of processes, services, and instruction.


The mission of the Office of Research is to promote institutional effectiveness and improvement through the collection, analysis, and dissemination of accurate descriptive and predictive statistical data.


1. To facilitate data-driven decision-making by all units of the college

2. To ensure validity, reliability, and availability of data for strategic planning and reporting

3. To support accreditation and reporting processes of the various college programs and departments

4. To provide external entities and clients with consistent and relevant information concerning Bishop State’s instructional, assessment, and evaluation policies and methodologies.