Three monitors, one dispalying data in text, the other displaying a graph and the last one showing static

The Electronics Engineering Technology program is designed to prepare students for exciting, fast paced occupations. Skilled technicians will apply fundamental concepts to repair, manufacture and calibrate modern electronic equipment: cell phone towers, robotics, hi-tech welding machines, electric cranes, hospital equipment, total electric cars and aircraft equipment.

New and exciting electronics jobs are being developed constantly, providing stable job opportunities. Because this program teaches concepts by which all electronic circuits function, electronic equipment currently being designed will be understood by our successful graduates. Knowing the fundamental concepts of circuit operation will make you the “go to” person on the job and a leader among your peers.

Courses in Electronics Technology are also offered in the evening as hybrid/online options to provide members of the workforce opportunities to enhance job knowledge or learn new skills. Through our Dual Enrollment Program, high school students may receive college credits while attending public, private, or homeschool classes. Contact your high school counselors for details or call (251) 405-7123.

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