The Aviation Manufacturing Technology Short Certificate provides an Introduction to Aircraft Assembly (Manufacturing) for entry level skilled workers.

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Aviation Manufacturing Technology Aviation Manufacturing Technology
Erica Gilkerson, Project Lead - Workforce Development Erica Gilkerson
Project Lead - Workforce Development
Diana Black, Instructor Diana Black
Dwayne Bowers, Instructor Dwayne Bowers
Shawn Mounce, Instructor Shawn Mounce
Ernest Sheffield, Instructor Ernest Sheffield
Lester Turner, Instructor Lester Turner

The Aviation Manufacturing Technology Program with Bishop State Community College has multiple tracks that students can choose from that will best help meet their educational and career goals. The program boasts a robust curriculum that will engage students while giving them hands-on practical applications needed for the aviation industry. With the growing aviation ecosystem, students do not have to go far to earn their credentials and land a job.

The Aviation Manufacturing Technology program is housed on the Southwest Campus located at 925 Dauphin Island Parkway, Mobile AL 36605.

Dual Enrollment High School Program - Students can begin taking the Aviation Manufacturing Technology Program while enrolled in high school. Currently, there are two program tracks for students who are interested in earning dual enrollment credits and getting a jump start on their futures.

Faulkner Career and Technology Center – Students can begin taking the Aviation Manufacturing Technology program in 10th grade which will lead to a short certificate by the time they graduate. These classes are open to students who attend local high schools in Mobile County. Please see your guidance counselor for more information on how to start taking classes today!

Bishop State Community College Aviation Manufacturing Technology program also offers evening classes to admitted students throughout the year who are interested in learning more about the manufacturing or building of airplanes. Students will take 6 classes during their time in the short-certificate program and earn multiple industry-recognized certifications that can help their careers take flight. With the wide range of certifications offered, the aviation industry is not the only potential career students can look forward to being prepared for. Students can choose between the short certificate or the two-year associate degree in Aviation Manufacturing Technology. Financial Aid is available for those who qualify.

Airbus-related programs – For the Airbus-related programs, students must first apply with either FlightWorks Alabama or Airbus once applications are released. All required materials and documents will be processed through those agencies. Students will participate in a math assessment and interview before being selected for the program. Students who successfully complete the FP9 Dual Enrollment or Early Career program will be offered an apprenticeship with Airbus that leads to a career.

FlightPath 9 Dual Enrollment – This program is in partnership with FlightWorks Alabama and is offered to seniors in both Mobile and Baldwin Counties. The program is a 10-month commitment during the student's senior year. Students will take classes two nights a week during their Fall and Spring semesters under dual enrollment. Upon graduation, they will continue to a 4-week summer program at the Bishop State Community College Southwest campus. Students must apply for this program during the Spring semester of their Junior year. The applications are available on the FlightWorks Alabama webpage.

FlightPath 9 Early Career – The FP9 Early Career program is in partnership with FlightWorks Alabama and is offered for those who have under 5 years of working experience in any field. Selected students will enroll with Bishop State Community College and take an intense 10-week pre-employment training that encompasses real-life applications, hands-on labs, technical skills and knowledge as well as soft skills that are needed to be successful both on and off the job.

MidCareer Onboarding – The Mid-Career Onboarding program is in partnership with Airbus. This program is for students who have over 5 years of work experience in any industry. Once students are selected and hired by Airbus, they will attend a 10-week program with Bishop State Community College, where they will earn their short certificate in Aviation Manufacturing Technology and multiple industry-recognized credentials. Students will learn and earn while they engage in practical and technical skills needed to help them be successful in their selected field. This is a post-employment training program that encompasses real-life applications, hands-on labs, technical skills, and knowledge as well as soft skills that are needed to be successful both on and off the job.

The Certificate and Short Certificate programs prepare students for entry-level technician positions.

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