Don't lose your spot in your classes. Use an alternative loan to help pay for college.

Bishop State Community College now has private student loans to assist students needing funds to pay for classes before the purge. (The "purge" or the "purge date" refers to students being removed from the classes they have registered for due to not paying their tuition before the cut off date.) You can apply online by visiting the Scholarships, Grants, Student Employment, and Loans page of our website. Then scroll to the bottom and click on Private Student Loans.

Steps you should take to apply for a private loan:

  • Apply through Great Lakes - Fast Choice Loan Option
  • Complete the financial literacy component, Borrowing Essentials, and apply for the loan.
  • When choosing a loan option, the borrower type to select will be "Undergraduate."
  • After you apply for the loan, Bishop State will receive notification and certify your loan amount, generally within 24 hours.

Keep in Mind...

As with any student loan, you have to pay back the money you borrow with added interest. You will pay back more than you borrowed.

If you are waiting on your Pell grant, you can use an alternative loan until your Pell grant comes in. Then you can pay your loan off early with any Pell refunds you receive.

Bishop State encourages responsible borrowing. Before considering a student loan, students and families should anticipate monthly loan payments and future earning potential.

In addition to private loans, please visit the following links to search for possible scholarship opportunities:

For more information about loans, email

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