The Bishop State Community College’s nursing program has big news to celebrate. The Alabama Board of Nursing’s annual review of the nursing education programs finds Bishop State’s ADN program’s NCLEX pass rate at 93.5% for first-time exam writers in 2017. The Board also finds the college’s practical nursing (LPN) program’s NCLEX pass rate at 90.9%. Both programs’ pass rate is well within compliance of the prescribed 80%. This is especially great news considering the college’s NCLEX pass rate in 2015-2016 of 72%. As a result Bishop State implemented a multi-faceted plan to improve the pass rate which included additional assistance for students from faculty as well as student peer tutoring. Textbooks in some courses were changed and more advanced hands-on clinical experiences were provided. The faculty also took on some improvements. They began using detailed reports from some of our unsuccessful NCLEX results to redirect classroom instructions and discussions. More discussions between faculty members were initiated to review curriculum development. Some faculty also attended a workshop at Samford University Birmingham that was focused on test development and teaching tactics for NCLEX success. All of the improvements must have worked as the NCLEX pass rate dramatically increased in the 2016-2017 school year. The Board commended Bishop State’s nursing faculty for maintaining high standards for quality in nursing education. The Bishop State family is also very proud of the accomplishments of our faculty and students. To learn more information about Bishop State’s nursing and other health related programs, click here. 2017_StudentAchievementOutcomeData_Nursing

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