The Challenge Donald Watts is an inspiration to any student who is seeking a second chance. Mr. Watts came to the GED/Adult Education program ready to make a

new life and achieve many goals. However, when things got tough, Mr. Watts almost gave up. The Career Pathway program at Bishop State requires enrollees to accomplish many goals including attending GED classes and a career pathway course. Mr. Watts was taking welding classes and studying for portions of the GED. When the workload became “uncomfortable”, Mr. Watts began to doubt his ability to complete the program because of things that occurred in his past. The Solution The faculty and staff at Bishop State, GED Director Akareem Spears, GED Instructor Dewanda Davis, Instructional Coordinator, Sharnee Hobbs, Instructional Aide, Deborah Able-Bailey, Welding Instructor Terry Moore provided words of encouragement, tough love and support to Mr. Watts. We each shared life stories about determination and triumph when things became difficult in our own lives. Mr. Moore discussed the endless possibilities that awaited Mr. Watts when he completed the welding program. We MatrixBlocked called and listened to Mr. Watts. We never gave up on him. We recognized his potential. The Outcome All the hard work paid off. Donald Watts earned his GED on August 9, 2017. He is currently taking welding classes at Bishop State Community College. He is a wonderful inspiration to others in the program. The story of Donald Watts is one of many student success stories to come out of Bishop State's GED/Adult Education program. To learn more about GED/Adult Education at Bishop State and to get your second chance, call (251) 662-5370. This story was posted to Educate and Elevate, a national campaign of Adult Education leaders who strive to move learning opportunities forward for all Americans to achieve economic and social mobility. Learn more about Educate and Elevate on their website. See Alabama's data about adult education here.

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