The Business Office is announcing that there is additional CARES Act funding this semester for Spring 2022 students. To get your funds faster, they are encouraging students to sign up for direct deposit.

The benefits of direct deposit include:

  1. Receiving your money sooner
  2. No waiting for paper checks
  3. No worrying over lost or stolen checks
  4. Avoiding deposits and lines at the bank

Set up your direct deposit online through the OneACCS portal.

NOTE: These steps MUST be completed on a desktop or laptop computer. This process WILL NOT work on a smartphone or mobile device.

Flyer with steps to sign up for direct deposit.
Steps to set up your direct deposit at Bishop State.

Step 1: LOGIN

  • Log in to:
  • Click: Student OneACCS Login
  • Enter: Username and Password
    • Example UN:
    • Example PW: A01234567


  • Click: Student
  • Click: Student Landing Page
  • Under: Student Account
  • Select: Make Payments


  • Select: Refunds
  • See: Consente and Agreements
  • Complete: Two-Step Verification
    • Select: Text Messages
    • Add: Phone Number, Select your Service Provider
    • Click: Tab, Send Code
    • Verify: 6-Digit Code

Step 4: REFUND

  • Click: Refund, eRefunds
  • Set Up: A New Account (Checking or Savings)
  • Enter: Your bank Information
  • Confirm: Yes, for your Preferred & Refund Account
  • Save and Continue

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