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North America's Building Trades Unions (NABTU) are an alliance of 14 national and international unions that collectively represent over 3 million skilled craft professionals in the U.S. and Canada.

Upcoming Information Sessions!

North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU) is offering an Apprenticeship Readiness Program(ARP) at Bishop State Community College this summer.

Prospective students are invited to attend one of three information sessions on Thursday, April 29 on the Bishop State Southwest campus (925 Dauphin Island Parkway) in the auditorium. Sessions will begin at 11 a.m., 3 p.m., and 6 p.m.

The Building Trades Apprenticeship Readiness Program

Q: What is a Building Trades Apprenticeship Readiness Program?

In 2007, the Building Trades’ national Standing Committee on Apprenticeship and Training created an Apprenticeship Readiness [training] Program (ARP) that would empower participants to make informed decisions about which craft they would pursue. These training programs are sponsored by State and Local Building Trades Councils, Training Coordinators, and JATCs in cooperation with local community groups, government agencies, and schools.

The goals of the ARPs are to (1) increase the number of candidates for apprenticeship across all crafts, (2) to increase the diversity of apprenticeship candidates by recruiting women, people of color, and veterans, and (3) to increase the retention rate among apprentices by providing them with a deeper understanding of both the industry and the role of craft unions in construction.

Building Trades ARPs use the Multi-Craft Core Curriculum (MC3), a comprehensive, 120-hour apprenticeship preparation curriculum. The MC3 provides a gateway for community residents to gain access to Building Trades registered apprenticeships, which are jointly administered by labor and management. In 2012, the US Department of Labor recognized the MC3 with its Registered Apprenticeship Innovator and Trailblazer Award.

Q: What is the MC3?

A: NABTU's Multi-Craft Core Curriculum (MC3) introduces students to the different building trades and teaches them the skills necessary to successfully apply for a registered apprenticeship, debt-free education. We partner with the Building Trades Council, school districts, contractors, and community groups across the country to provide eager students with an opportunity to earn a competitive salary and benefits.

MC3 Curriculum by NABTU

  1. Construction Industry Orientation
  2. Tools and Materials
  3. Construction Health and Safety
  4. Blueprint Reading
  5. Basic Math for Construction
  6. Heritage of the American Worker
  7. Diversity in the Construction Industry
  8. Green Construction
  9. Financial Literacy

For more information, contact the Workforce Development Department at (251) 405-7082 or email workforce@bishop.edu

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