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Technical Dual Enrollment allows eligible high school students to earn high school and college credits simultaneously. College courses count toward high school graduation credits and the courses remain a part of the student’s regular transcript.

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Academic & Technical Dual Enrollment Academic & Technical Dual Enrollment
Jeremy Daughtry, Ed.D., Dual Enrollment Instructional Specialist Jeremy Daughtry, Ed.D.
Dual Enrollment Instructional Specialist

Approved Technical Dual Enrollment Funding List for Fiscal Year 20-21

- Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology (HVAC)

- Automotive Technology

- Computer Information Systems

- Drafting and Design Technology

- Diesel Mechanics

- Early Childhood Development

- Electronic Engineering Technology

- Electrical Technology

- Health Information Technology

- Process and Maintenance Technology

- Industrial Maintenance Technology

- Instrumentation Technology

- Office Administration

- Welding

*Course availability varies between high schools. Contact your high school counselor to inquire about available courses.

GPA Required: 2.5 (unweighted)

Career and Technical Dual Enrollment Program

Each year, Bishop State receives a list of approved Career Tech Programs. These Career Tech Programs are available for students to take through the Dual Enrollment as long as the student meets the criteria to participate. The Alabama Community College System (ACCS) submits a funding list on a yearly basis based on the workforce needs of our service area. Programs approved for funding are subject to change at any time. Technical dual enrollment is offered in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Classes can be taken at the Career Tech Center, high school, & Bishop State Campuses.

Continued Eligibility

To maintain continuous eligibility, students must earn a “C” or better in all dual enrollment courses. Students who do not earn a C or higher, or Withdraw (W) from a course, are suspended from dual enrollment for one term, not to include the summer term. Students can reapply following the one term suspension.

For Additional Information

Contact your high school counselor to discuss your interest in Dual Enrollment. You can also email our Dual Enrollment office at

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