Bishop State provides college credit opportunities to eligible high school students. This policy allows students to enroll in college classes concurrently with high school classes and to receive both high school and college credit where appropriate.

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Academic & Technical Dual Enrollment Academic & Technical Dual Enrollment
Arthur Madise, Dual Enrollment Instructional Specialist Arthur Madise
Dual Enrollment Instructional Specialist
Donjoli Rowser, Academic Advisor Donjoli Rowser
Academic Advisor
Carrie Kennedy, Career Coach Carrie Kennedy
Career Coach

Academic Dual Enrollment Opportunities

- Free college courses available for credit at Mobile County public and private high schools

- Courses taught by credentialed community college instructors

- Earn up to 29 credit hours of free tuition

-Course availability varies between high schools

In order to enroll for Dual Enrollment, students must have:

- Completed ninth grade

- Minimum 2.5 Unweighted Grade Point Average

- For English courses, an 18 sub-score on the English portion of the ACT

- For Math courses, a 20 sub-score on the Math portion of the ACT exam.

- Students not meeting the ACT requirement can take the Accuplacer placement exam for eligibility.

Steps for Enrollment

Complete ALL steps to participate

1. Complete a Bishop State Community College Admissions Application for Dual Enrollment.

2. Complete Statement of Eligibility for Dual Enrollment

3. Complete In-State Residency Form

4. Take completed application, statement of eligibility, in-state residency form, and your photo ID to your high school dual enrollment counselor (your counselor will work with you to determine eligible courses).

5. Make sure your counselor provides a copy of your unofficial transcript.

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