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The Bishop State Community College Adult Education Program offers traditional GED preparation classes at 21 locations in its service area of Mobile and Washington County. The goal of these classes is to prepare adults age 17 and over for Pearson Vue’s GED Tests. The General Educational Development (GED) Tests are a nationally recognized assessment that gives people from all walks of life an opportunity to certify their high school education. The GED Tests also provide a uniform measure of high school achievement. The GED Tests cover the academic knowledge and skills learned in four years of high school: reading, writing, social studies, science, and mathematics. By passing the 8 hours of tests, GED diploma holders demonstrate the skills of communication, information processing, problem-solving, and critical thinking. The Bishop State program will successfully prepare students for the GED Tests through instruction in math, language, and reading

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In addition to our GED classes, we also offer free digital literacy classes based upon the Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment standards. These courses will help you learn computer, internet, email, social media, and Microsoft Office basics. You will also be given the opportunity to earn Northstar certificates that indicate your understanding in these areas. Please visit the link to learn more about the program and to register for the class.



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