The English Department teaches students to effectively communicate their ideas to others in written and spoken form.

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Larene Peeples, Instructor Larene Peeples

Courses in English Composition and Literature assist learners in effectively communicating their ideas to others. It also involves examining and appreciating the various genres of literature, ranging from ancient times to the modern/contemporary period. Because its aim is to help people communicate effectively, everyone can benefit from taking courses in this discipline.

To help you begin your journey in the field, consider taking Composition I (ENG 101) and Composition II (ENG 102). Or, if you are a student in one of the programs in the Career-Technical School, consider taking Applied Writing I (ENG 131). Each of these classes is offered every semester.

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The Sigma Kappa Delta Honor Society strives to bestow distinction for high achievement in English language and literature in two-year institutions of high education. Learn more about the Sigma Kappa Delta Honor Society under the student organizations page on our website.

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