Transportation Security Administrator
January 27, 2011 By Dan Murtaugh, Press-Register MOBILE, Ala. – Bishop State Community College is offering a special three-course curriculum for Transportation Security Administration workers at Mobile Regional Airport. About 20 workers are enrolled in the first class – Introduction to Homeland Security – and another 15 are on the waiting list for next semester, said Gail Linkins, TSA Federal Security director. TSA is paying the workers' tuition, $327 a semester, according to Herb Jordan, spokesman for the college. In addition to the introduction class, the college will offer courses titled Intelligence Analysis and Security Technology and Transportation and Border Security. The classes are taught by Gus Gary, director of Jericho Group, a corporate security and crisis management company. The classes are only being offered to TSA workers, said Latitia McCane, Bishop's dean of instructional services. The workers are off duty when they're attending the twice-weekly, 90-minute classes, Linkins said. The workers won't get paid more after finishing the course, but the education makes them more marketable for promotions and other jobs, Linkins said. The introduction class has been fascinating so far, said Tiffany Brown, one of the students enrolled in it. "I'm not by any means a history person," she said. "But the way the professor goes about it makes me want to learn more. I want to read the whole book right now. I don't want to wait for the whole semester." © 2011 All rights reserved. © 2011 Press-Register, Mobile, Ala. All rights reserved. Used with permission of The Press Register.

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