Bishop State students in one of Dr. Elizabeth Schlosser's Biology 103 class returned to school with an award after participating in the 2019 Science and Technology Open House! The students earned "Best Title" for the name of their poster "Toxic Rice Experiment: Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones but Words Will Make Rice Smell." In their experiment, students determined whether they could effectively measure positive and negative verbal commands by observing the effect it had on rice water. To conduct the experiment, students filled three trays with rice and water and studied them over a two-week period. Tray A was exposed to positive verbal commands, Tray B was exposed to negative verbal commands, and Tray C was not exposed to any verbalization. At the end of the two-week trial, the students observed a significant difference between the trays. Tray A had a slight color change and a pleasant aroma. Tray B had a significant change in color, mold began to grow on the specimen, and it produced a foul smell. Tray C was recorded as having little to no change in appearance except that the water had completely dried up and the smell it produced was described as putrid. This is the first time Bishop State has ever competed in such an event and the college was the only two-year institution present. Other colleges and organizations in attendance included Auburn University, the Dauphin Island Sea Lab, the University of Alabama, the University of Alabama in Birmingham, the University of Alabama in Huntsville. [gallery ids="107182,107183,107181,115724"]

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