Criminal justice is the system of law enforcement used within all stages of criminal proceedings involving the police, lawyers, courts, and corrections. Students taking criminal justice courses will explore each of these aspects. Some of the specific topics covered in CRJ100 (Introduction to Criminal Justice) include:
  • Foundation of Criminal Justice
  • Patrol Duties (issues related to patrolling the streets and dealing with various crimes)
  • Courts (understanding how due process is applied)
  • Terrorism (from domestic to cyber terrorism)
  • Multiculturalism
Some of the specific topics covered in CRJ110 (Introduction to Law Enforcement) include:
  • History of Policing
  • Use of Technology (laser fingerprint lifting, drones, etc.)
  • Web-Based Crime Fighting
  • Dealing with Terrorism
  • Future of Policing
Criminal Justice courses fall within Area V in degree plans. Students should refer to their STARS guide to determine which courses may be applied toward Area V. Check out this video about the Criminal Justice program at Bishop State! For more information, contact Kit Nast, Ed.D., at (251) 405-7146 or

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