As the 2020 fall semester approaches, the Bishop State administration is committed to providing a high-quality education that is conducive to learning and academic progress, regardless of the mode of instruction and with minimal delays. Even with the limitations in place due to the global pandemic, Bishop State will strive to sustain the community connections that represent Bishop State at its best.

As students evaluate how they wish to pursue their studies at the College this fall, it is crucial to
understand that campus life will be a different experience in the fall, with all members of the communityplaying an essential role in mitigating the infection and spread of the virus.

Bishop State has released its reopening plan that includes policies, procedures, and protocols for reopening this fall. As part of these efforts, we are implementing a multi-layered approach to deter the spread of the Coronavirus, help protect our campus, and allow us to rapidly respond if faculty, staff, or students present symptoms or test positive for the virus.

You can read the entire Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance on Re-opening and Returning to Class Fall 2020 here.

For your convenience, below are some of the key points students, faculty, and staff will need to know about the fall reopening plan.

  • The Dean of Students Office will serve as the College's coordinating and operational hub for COVID-19 mitigation efforts for students.
  • The College's Human Resources (HR) Office will serve as the coordinating and operational hub for mitigation efforts for faculty, staff, and administration.
  • Social distancing will be prescribed for all programs to take reasonable steps to maintain six feet of separation between individuals (where applicable and practicable).
  • All students, faculty, and staff will be required to wear masks that cover his or her nostrils and mouth at all times. This is subject to any changes in guidance from medical professionals and the CDC. The face coverings are required to be worn in classrooms, labs, communal office spaces, and at gatherings where social distancing is difficult to maintain. (ALA CODE Section 11-45-1)
  • The College will provide two (2) washable masks, free of charge, to all students and employees. Additional masks will also be available for purchase in the Wildcat Pride Bookstore.
  • Students will be required to sign the College's agreement regarding social distancing and other public health practices.
  • Appropriate barriers – including plexiglass and other similar materials – will be established in high-volume areas.
  • Sanitation and cleaning will be enhanced in buildings throughout the campus and adequate hand sanitizing products will be made available in all common spaces (lobbies, academic learning centers, and classrooms).
  • Workplaces, meeting rooms, and laboratories (including computer labs) will have modified occupancy.
  • Students will follow classroom operating guidelines that include:
    • Requiring students and faculty to review the College's plan on the public health measures in place for the classrooms/laboratories before the first day of classes
    • Requiring students and faculty to wipe down chairs and other commonly touched surfaces at the beginning of every class
    • Requiring face coverings in class
    • No eating or drinking in class
    • Assigned seating, where appropriate
  • Faculty, students, and staff will complete a questionnaire. (The questionnaire will also be provided in paper format and available at all Campus screening checkpoints for individuals who do not have access to a smartphone.)
  • Faculty, students, and staff must conduct symptom monitoring every day before coming to Campus.
  • Contractors and others doing business at the College or coming on the campus will answer the questionnaire upon arrival.
  • All must be free of any symptoms related to COVID-19 to be on campus or participate in activities on campus.
  • Individuals who have any of the symptoms related to COVID-19 will be asked to self-quarantine and promptly referred to the Dean of Students or HR office.
  • Individuals who are determined to be in close contact with an individual testing positive will also be required to undergo testing.
  • The College is committed to supporting all students during any required isolation and quarantine. This includes contact tracing, academic support, and health service referrals. All students in isolation and quarantine will receive a wellness call. Students in isolation or quarantine will be encouraged to continue their coursework remotely. High-risk Individuals are encouraged to continue remote work and study from home.

For additional information or questions about Bishop State's reopening plan, please contact the Dean of Students' office at or the Human Resources Department at

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