Bishop State's Academic Advising Center is hosting Academic Advising and Career Readiness Week April 22 - 25 to help students prepare for their upcoming futures. On Monday, April 22nd through Wednesday, April 24th, we will host sessions that will assist you in learning how to:
  • Build the Winning Resume’
  • Enhance Interview and Soft/Essential Skills
  • Prep for the Winning Interview
  • Enhance your resume’ through volunteerism and community service
The week will climax with a Job & Career Fair on Thursday, April 25th, from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. During the fair students will gain:
  • Insight to Diverse Careers
  • Networking opportunities with successful Bishop State alums and business leaders
  • Opportunities to possibly land an internship, job shadowing or a job
To best prepare, plan to bring your resume’ to the sessions for critique. If you do not have a resume’ visit: Bishop State's Career Coach website to easily build one, or plan a meeting with one of our Academic Advisors or Success Coaches located in the Academic Advising Center. In addition, helpful resume’ tips can be accessed at the following link: Resume' and Cover Letter Writing. Don't forget to join the Bishop State Career Planning and Job Placement Facebook page for on-going job opportunities available to Bishop State students. The Wildcat Academic Advising and Career Readiness Week will be hosted in the Delchamps Student Life Complex, 2nd Level. Finally, we look forward to your continued visits to the Academic Advising Center as we are eager to assist in your student success! Enjoy a safe and relaxing spring break! Please direct questions to Go Wildcats! The Enrollment Team [gallery ids="118768,118769"]

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