April 7, 2016

Mobile, AL – Maegan McCane continues a strong family tradition of attending Bishop State Community College as a third generation student. She is truly the “Wiz Kid” of her graduating class. Maegan will have the distinct honor of earning both her Associate’s Degree from Bishop State Community College in May along with her High School Diploma from Murphy High School. When she enters the University of Alabama in the fall term, McCane will start her education there as a second semester junior at the age of 17 years old. With her strong academic background, she could have easily finished high school a year early. Instead, she decided to go the traditional 4 year route in order to stay in the band and chorus.

Maegan credits the influence of her mother, Dean Latitia McCane, for strongly encouraging her to take this route. Dean McCane is the academic dean at Bishop State Community College and saw the wonderful opportunity available for her daughter to get college credit while still in high school. Dean McCane’s eyes light up when she talks about Meagan’s educational journey these last few years. She is definitely a proud parent.

Maegan is excited about starting at the University of Alabama this coming fall. She was awarded a Presidential Scholarship to attend the university. She plans to major in International Studies and has already completed the required coursework for the Pre-Med program through her studies at Bishop State. Maegan’s favorite course at Bishop State was Anatomy. Her ultimate goal is to attend Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and earn her medical degree in neurology.

McCane is passionate about pursuing a career in neurology. She stated that “a lot is still unknown about the brain.” She is following in the footsteps of her parents by going into a field that has a strong science and math background. Both of her parents majored in chemistry and have worked in labs. Maegan wants to spread her knowledge in neurology globally. Her plans are to work at a hospital in the neurology field and travel to poor countries during her downtime in order to treat people with neurological problems. She is presently getting experience firsthand as a volunteer in a cancer research lab at the University of South Alabama.

Bishop State is proud to say it has a Wiz Kid graduating in May that will one day turn into an Angel in a White Coat as she practices medicine helping the poor and underserved throughout the world


Harrietta Eaton, MPA

Director of Public Relations and Marketing

Bishop State Community College

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