Save Time. Save Money.

Bishop State offers students the option to have their funds sent via direct deposit. Setting up Direct Deposit is easy and helps you get access to your money sooner. No more fear of a lost check or your check being delivered to the wrong address

  • It's confidential
  • Don't wait in line at the bank
  • Don't wait on the mail
  • Have access to funds quicker

How to set you your Direct Deposit

This information should be submitted online through "Touchnet" only.
Follow the instructions below to submit your direct deposit information.

  1. Visit
  2. Click on 'Student OneACCS Login' in the top right heading of the website.
  3. Select "Click here to Access the OneACCS Portal" and log into your account*
  4. Select "Student"
  5. Select "Student Account"
  6. Select "TouchNet"
  7. Consent and Agreements will appear. Click "I Agree"
  8. Select "Refunds Acct Setup"
  9. Complete two-step verification
  10. Select "Text Message"
  11. Insert phone number, click the arrow, and select your phone provider
  12. Click tab, send code
  13. Type six-digit code into the box
  14. Verify
  15. Click "Refund" in the green top bar
  16. eRefunds
  17. Set up a new account (direct deposit) checking or savings
  18. Enter your banking information, Save payment method as
  19. Continue

*Click here for instructions on how to log into OneACCS