At Bishop State Community College, we know that our alumni are among our greatest assets. Throughout the country, in every state and across the globe, Bishop State alumni continually demonstrate to the world the incredible value of a Bishop State education. With our Alumni playing an integral part in our community and making up a vital part of the workforce, we take pride in knowing that our alumni are making a difference in the lives of others and making a valuable contribution to the college’s legacy.

We encourage our alumni to stay in touch with their alma mater by attending campus and community events, and connecting with their fellow alumni through the association. Through these channels, alumni can reconnect with Bishop State and continue to give back to the community.

Alumni Association

The Bishop State Alumni Association was established in 2019 to provides opportunities for alumni to get involved with the college in a variety of ways. From contributing to the Annual Giving Campaign to volunteering as a mentor, or speaking at an event.

Four primary strategic objectives of the Association are:

  1. To assist students and alumni in the achievement of their academic and personal goals.
  2. To foster mutually beneficial relationships with alumni and the community for the support of the College.
  3. To maintain communication and contacts between the College, the Alumni, and the Board.
  4. To assist in and develop revenue-generating opportunities to support the mission.