Ready To Work Program

The Ready to Work (RTW) training program offered by Bishop State Community College provides a system of job readiness, basic computer skills, and Work Keys assessment and testing to adult job seekers and dislocated workers.  Employers have indicated their preference for people with well developed life skills and job readiness training as essential to  success in getting and keeping a job.

The RTW training program is available FREE OF CHARGE to all individuals that are unemployed and want to gain entry level skills or those individuals that are underemployed and want to gain additional skills for advancement.

Bishop State will have 3 RTW classes during the summer 2018 — two at the Main Campus and one in the City of Prichard. All classes will begin July 9, 2018. Join us at one of the RTW Kickoff sessions to sign up for a class near you!

  • RTW Kickoff meeting in City of Prichard: Thursday, June 21 at 1:30 p.m. at the Prichard City Hall Auditorium.
    • This will be the initial sign up stage for Prichard participants.
  • RTW Kickoff meeting in Mobile: Tuesday, June 26 at 5:30 p.m. at Bishop State Community College Main Campus in the Business Technology Center Auditorium.
    • This will be the initial sign up stage for the BSCC participants.

For additional information or questions, check out the Alabama Ready to Work website or contact  call Workforce Development Department at (251) 405-7082 or

View RTW Registration Package (PDF)

RTW graduates who successfully complete the program will earn an “Alabama Certified Worker Certificate” and the “National Career Readiness Certificate” confirming that your proven work skills and abilities meet the requirements set by the Alabama Department of Postsecondary Education Division of Workforce Development in cooperation with the Alabama Industrial Development Training Institute (AIDT).

Placement in meaningful employment will be the ultimate measure of success for program participants.  In order to facilitate this, participants who complete the training will receive job placement assistance, (JOB PLACEMENT IS NOT GUARANTEED) including referrals to the Alabama Career (One-Stop) Centers in their local communities and, through them, to other service providers such as AIDT’s Job Training Programs.  For more information, visit the AIDT website.