New Students

Wildcat Campus Visit Program

Sanford the Wildcat

Thank you for your interest in our Wildcat Campus Visit Program. We would like to invite you to our campus to gain insightful information from our Enrollment and Financial Aid Departments, faculty members, and also tour the campus. Just click on the Wildcat Campus Tour link to schedule a date and time that works best for you. We look forward to hearing from you. Have a wonderful Wildcat day!

College Registrar

Philip-Urbanek-WEB Hello:

On behalf of the Office of Admissions and Records, I am excited that you have made Bishop State your college choice. My staff and I are eager to serve you. We are trained to provide you with access to the College and assist with the transition to the learning environment and, ultimately, graduation. The admission process is simple. Simply visit the College’s website at or call us to obtain an application. Complete the application and return it to the College as soon as possible along with an official copy of your high school diploma or GED.

For more information or questions regarding Admissions, call the Main Campus at 405-7000, Southwest Campus at 665-4805, Baker-Gaines Central at 404-4400 and Carver Campus at 662-5361. All members of our staff will be happy to serve you. We look forward to your becoming a student at Bishop State.

Philip Urbanek, College Registrar
Tel. (251) 405-7006

Financial Aid and Veterans Services

Welcome to Bishop State Community College. While college can seem expensive, Bishop State has a comprehensive program of work-study employment, grants, and scholarship funds available through federal, state and institutional sources. You should apply as soon as possible to be eligible for assistance, and our staff is available to assist you with the application process. Use college code 001030 for Bishop State, or contact us to apply today! View the Financial Aid section of this site.

New Student Orientation



CONGRATULATIONS on your acceptance to Bishop State! We know juggling your career, classes, family, and friends can be confusing and overwhelming. You will have many questions as you prepare to attend Bishop State. Our New Student Orientation — The Wildcat Way — is designed to help you navigate your transition – both academically and socially.

The Wildcat Way provides crucial information, offers tips and strategies to help you succeed in your coursework, and prepares you for success in your college career. Whether managing your time or balancing work, family, and college – our team is here to assist you!

The Bishop State My Guide is available to keep you informed and help you navigate your path during your educational career. Like us on Facebook at The Wildcat Way – Freshmen Orientation 101. Visit us on the second floor of the Delchamps Student Life Conference Complex for more information or any questions regarding The Wildcat Way: Orientation 101. Here’s to you and your future success at Bishop State Community College!

Chrishan Watson
(251) 405-7219

Sheria Mitchell
(251) 405-7085

Orientation Links

International Students

Yolanda-McNeil-WEBBishop State has a long history of educating international students and we currently serve over 200 international students from the continents of Africa, South America, Asia, and Europe.  Our office is located on our Main Campus in the Student Center and I am here to help make your college experience a memorable one.

To enroll at Bishop State, you must complete the regular admissions forms, submit an official copy of your high school transcript in English to show you have taken courses equivalent to an American high school diploma, and provide proof of current immunization.  You will also need to submit a notarized statement declaring you have adequate funds to pay for your college courses.  Required scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) are 500 on paper or 61 on the computer.  Please bring all of these documents to the Office of International Students.

And, finally, you will be required to maintain adequate health and life insurance, which includes repatriation to your home country.  Please visit for details on the required insurance.  This coverage must be maintained during all semesters you are enrolled at Bishop State. For more information visit the International Students Program page on our website.

We are excited about your becoming a member of the Bishop State community and I am available to help you in any way possible.  Please call or email me for further assistance.

Yolanda McNeil
Tel. (251) 405-7002

ADA Accommodations

The ADA Advisor providea individual and approved accommodation services for qualified students with documented needs or disabilities. Services may include, but are not limited to, priority course registration, test proctors, note takers, extended testing time, enlargement for visual impaired, interpreters and more.

Contact the ADA Office at (251) 405-7087 or

Office of Enrollment Management

The Office of Enrollment Management oversees the recruitment of new students, academic advising, student disability services, career assessment, and student success monitoring.

The office staff also assists with new student orientation, registration, and testing services. We provide a connection to resources here at Bishop State and the community that will aid in your total success. Our objective is to assist you in a great Bishop State experience from start to finish; with the goal of meeting the needs of all of our students while helping them prepare for graduation, a career, or transition to a four-year college.

Within the Office of Enrollment Management our team of recruiters, academic advisors, and student success coaches, along with our faculty and staff are excited about your decision to enroll at Bishop State Community College, “A Great Place to Start”!

Please contact one of our team members below or email Our offices are located in the Academic Advising Center on the second level of the Delchamps Student Life Complex. We welcome walk-ins, but to ensure the best student service, please contact us to arrange your one-on-one appointment today.

Chante’ Hendrix Enrollment Specialist

Shermika Hunter
Academic Advisor

Donjoli Rowser
Academic Advisor








Arthur Madise Student Success Coach

Victoria Scott Student Success Coach








Learning Assistance Center

Justin-Cooley-WEBWelcome, Wildcats! I am Justin Cooley, Director of the Learning Assistance Center, located on our Main Campus. The Center provides a variety of academic support activities to help you improve skills in various content areas.

Contact the Learning Assistance Center for details on the services offered, criteria for test exemption, and the retest policy. Join our Facebook group, BSCC Learning Assistance Center!

Justin Cooley
Tel. (251) 405-7100

Library Services

micklesThe Bishop State Community College library services are provided on all four campuses and serve as resource centers for students, faculty, and members of the community. Our goal is to serve an integral part of the instructional program and academic community by providing access to resources that support the college curriculum. The libraries provide (1) an organized collection of printed and other materials, (2) trained staff members to help you find the materials you need, and (3) a posted schedule of operating hours with staff members available to assist you.

In addition to the traditional resources, our libraries are connected to unlimited resources through the Alabama Virtual Library. This resource provides all students, teachers, and citizens of the state of Alabama with online access that is essential to library and information resources.

Marsha Mickles, Director of Library Services
Tel. (251) 405-7113

Career Planning and Job Placement



The Career Planning and Job Placement Department works to help our students with career planning, resume-writing techniques, and improving their job interviewing skills. Additionally, we work with prospective employers to learn about possible employment opportunities for you.

To learn more about how we can better serve you, please contact Arthur Madise at or Shermika Hunter at call 251-405-7087. Be sure to join our Facebook group, Bishop State Career Planning and Job Placement for the latest job posts and career opportunities!

Counseling Staff




The basic objective of the Guidance and Counseling Program at Bishop State Community College is to assist students with concerns related to college life. These may include academic advisement on class schedules, programs of study best suited to your interests, how to prepare for graduation, personal issues, and more. Counselors are available at all of our four campuses. Please call and get to know us!


Yvonne Foster, Central Campus
(251) 405-4429

Victoria Perry, Ed.D.,  Main Campus

(251) 405-7088

Campus Police

campusYour safety at Bishop State is of the utmost importance to the staff of Bishop State.  We strive to help make your learning environment as comfortable as possible. As the Chief of Campus Police, I am dedicated to serving the community, safeguarding students’ lives, and maintaining the property of the College. If you need an escort to classes, feel threatened by individuals on campuses, or sense any potential danger, please call our office.  We want you to feel safe while attending classes or college functions.

Lloyd Washington, Chief of Police
Tel. (251) 405-7062

College Bookstores

Bookstore services are located on two campuses of the College. The Main Campus Bookstore is located in the Oliver H. Delchamps, Jr., Student Life Conference Complex. The Central Campus Bookstore is located in the main building.

Each bookstore maintains textbooks for all courses taught on that campus and instructional aids and materials that students need. Students from the Southwest and Carver campuses can purchase their books at the Main Campus bookstore.

If you need snacks, hats, sweats, computers, or book bags, we’ve got it all. Congratulations and GOOOOOOO Wildcats! You have the option to buy new or used textbooks, rental books (which must be returned in good condition at the end of the semester) or digital editions of textbooks.

Order your books online at Bishop State Bookstore
Tel. (251) 405-7036

 Student Activities

Symenta McDonald

Whether you are a student needing something to do between classes or you’re seeking an organization or club to enhance your leadership skills, the Office of Student Activities can help you get connected!

This office provides opportunities for students to nurture their personal growth and development outside of the academic environment. Students are encouraged to participate in student clubs, Student Government Association (SGA) and numerous special events sponsored by student organizations and the Office of Student Activities. Affiliation and involvement in student clubs provide students with the opportunity to gain hands-on leadership, enriching their college learning experience and providing them with the ability to explore personal and career-related interests. The Office of Student Activities also strives to engage our students, faculty, and staff in local communities.

Campus involvement is a great way for students to make the most of their college experience. Students can increase their career and educational opportunities by participating in campus activities and organizations, make friends and establish useful networks while learning about their strengths and improving their leadership skills. You can make a difference at Bishop State Community College! There are opportunities waiting for you through active involvement on campus.

For information on joining an existing club or starting a new one, contact the Coordinator of Student Activities, Symentha McDonald at or (251) 405-7017.

Extracurricular Activities

As a student at Bishop State, you’ll get more out of your college experience if you get involved in out-of-class activities and organizations. There are a number of options for you: programs for leadership training, services to the College and the community, self-directed activity, membership in clubs and organizations with fellow students, and opportunities to interact with persons from different backgrounds. We encourage you to join organizations that are meaningful to you and become an involved participant. You’ll be glad you did!

Clubs and Organizations

As a student at Bishop State, you will find many interesting clubs and organizations for opportunities to develop your interests, skills, and abilities while spending time with fellow students and making new friends.  You are welcome to join any of the organizations that interest you as long as you meet the club’s qualifications (though we try to make our organizations open to all students). For more information, contact the Office of Dean of Students at 405-7087, view the College’s Website, or read the College Catalog or Student Handbook online.

If you would like to form a new club at Bishop State that you think others would like to join and would be a good fit for the College, visit the Office of the Dean of Students to discuss your idea.  If it seems to be a good idea for students either academically or socially, the Dean and the College President will consider its formation.

Currently, the College has established programs for the following organizations:

  • Africana
  • Athletics for Men and Women
    • Men’s and Women’s Golf
    • Men’s and Women’s Basketball
    • Baseball
    • Softball
  • Barbering and Hairstyling Association
  • Campus Ministry
  • College Band
  • College Choir
  • Cosmetology Student Association
  • Creative Renditions of Artistically Fueled Talents
  • Culinary Arts Student Association
  • Health Information Technology Student Association
  • International Student Organization
  • Jazzette Dance Team
  • Kappa Beta Delta Honor Society
  • National Technical Honor Society
  • Nightingales
  • Pep Squad
  • Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Fraternity
  • Physical Therapist Assistant Club
  • Sigma Kappa Delta
  • STEM
  • Student Government Association
  • Students in Free Enterprise
  • Veteran Student Organization
  • Wildcat Ambassadors

View the Student Club and Organizations section of this site


Trenton-Eager-WEBBishop State offers sports to help you to learn teamwork, develop a strong work ethic, and improve your personal sportsmanship. Programs for men include baseball and basketball.  Women’s programs include softball, baseball, basketball, and golf.  You’ll find our programs are tops in the state of Alabama and our athletes have won many awards. See the College Catalog and Student Handbook online for more information or call the Athletics department. Get involved, support the College’s athletic teams, and have fun!

Trenton Eager, Director of Athletics and Women’s Basketball Coach
(251) 405-7139


Standards of Student Conduct

As a student at Bishop State Community College, you can expect the faculty and administrators to maintain an environment full of opportunities and freedom to learn for you both in your classrooms and throughout the four campuses. You will be encouraged to learn how to think critically, search for truth, ask questions, and exercise freedom of speech as adults. You will be expected to obey college, civil, and criminal laws and be subject to corresponding corrective action when you fail to do so. However, you may be denied admission to the College if you’ve received disciplinary action from another institution or agency or if the Admissions Committee determines that your presence on campus may threaten the welfare of others.

Your conduct as a student on all Bishop State campuses and outreach extensions must conform to the College’s rules and regulations. You will be expected to conduct yourself as responsible men and women at all times and in all places; to respect the rights and privileges of instructors, fellow students, and all staff; and to attend studiously to their work. The College may at any time dismiss any student whose conduct is, in its judgment, detrimental to him- or herself or to the welfare of others. Violators of college rules and regulations are subject to disciplinary action. Please refer to the College Handbook or Student Handbook for details.