Campus Email

If you are a registered student at Bishop State, then we have assigned you a campus e-mail address. You will be able to send and receive e-mail using this address from any Internet browser in the world. 

Access Email

To find out what your Campus E-mail address is, login to the BORIS System and select the “View My Information” link, and your campus e-mail address will be displayed on that page.

When you login to the campus e-mail system, type your full campus e-mail address at the Username prompt.

Your password will initially be your 8-digit date of birth (in the format MMDDYYYY). You will be required to change your password when you login. Remember your new password!

Online Students

If you register for an online class, then you MUST use this e-mail address for class correspondence and to receive your initial online course login and password.

Your campus e-mail address will also be printed on the student schedule page that you receive from the Business Office when your registration is completed if you pay for your classes in person.

E-mail Trouble?

If you are having trouble accessing your Campus E-mail account, call 251-405-7070 or send a message from your personal e-mail account to Be sure to include your student number, your name, and the problem your are having.