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COVID-19 Update - May 13 @ 10:41 a.m.

As you may know, we are experiencing some challenging times dealing with testing. Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten clearance to have students on campus to administer the test so we cannot offer any Residual ACT dates at this time. We encourage all students to register for the National ACT testing date. The late registration deadline is May 22. If we get any updates about any changes we will update the website and the Facebook page expeditiously. Sorry for the inconvenience. The link is provided below.

ACT Residual Test

The ACT Residual is a standardized test used to measure student readiness for entry-level college placement. The ACT Residual testing program is provided for participating colleges that wish to administer the ACT to their enrolled or admitted (or in the proves of being admitted) students who were unable to test on a national test date. In contrast to the National ACT test scores which are valid nationwide, ACT Residual test scores are valid only at the college administering the test.

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ACT Residual Testing Information
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ACT Residual Test Dates

2020 ACT Residual Test Dates (Click here to schedule your testing session)