Veterans Affairs FAQs

How do I apply for VA Benefits at Bishop State?

Call the Bishop State VA Office at 251.405.7015 for assistance in starting the VA benefit process. You can also apply directly to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs to apply electronically. Apply on-line at:

How soon can I start receiving my VA checks at Bishop State?

You must notify the Bishop State VA Office as soon as you pre-register or register for classes for your enrollment certification to be sent to the VA Regional Office in Atlanta Georgia payment processing. It takes the VA Regional Office approximately 6 to 8 weeks to start sending your VA checks to either your bank account if you chose direct deposits or hard checks. It is important that you notify the VA Office on the main campus as soon as you register.

Will the VA checks be available when tuition and fees are due?

A VA student must register and pay for his/her tuition and fees when it is due before the VA checks will start arriving. If you requested advance pay check at least 60 days before the start of the semester, you may have the VA check available to help you pay for tuition and fees. See the VA certifying official at the Bishop State VA Office for more information on advance payment.

Will I get more money if I switched to the new Post 9/11 Chapter 33 benefits?

Each individual veteran should carefully compare the benefits available under the different chapters and particularly the benefits you are currently receiving before electing to switch to Chapter 33. Once you switch to Chapter 33, you cannot switch back. Visit: for a VA benefit comparison. Consult with the VA Coordinator at the main campus for additional information.

Can I withdraw from school or from a course while receiving VA benefits?

You may withdraw from a course or from school while receiving VA benefits if you have mitigating circumstances that caused the withdrawal. In the absence of mitigating circumstances, the VA may require you to payback the funds you received while enrolled. Please always consult with your Bishop State VA Coordinator before you withdraw from any courses.

How much will I receive for going to school at Bishop State College?

The amount you receive will depend on what type of VA benefits you qualify for. Click the following links to check how much you may qualify to receive depending on your VA eligibility.

Chapter 30 Payment Rates:

Chapter 35 Payment Rates:

Chapter 1606 Rates:

Chapter 1607 Rates:

Chapter 33 Rates: See the Chapter 33 Benefit Comparison Chart for details

How can I transfer my Chapter 33 benefits to my dependents?

Click on the link below for detailed information on how to transfer the Chapter 33 benefits to your dependents.

Who qualifies for the Alabama GI benefits?

Dependents of service-connected disabled veterans rated at 20% or more who entered on active duty as a resident of Alabama may qualify. Applications may be made at the Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs, Room 107, at 1150 Government Boulevard, Mobile, AL or at your local Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs County Service Office.

What does the Alabama GI Bill cover?

Tuition, technical fees and required textbooks for courses at the 100 and 200 level. Facility renewal fees are not covered. Remedial/developmental courses in the 090 to 098 level are not covered for tuition, fees or books.

Are there any other FAQs for Chapter 1606?

For additional Frequently Asked Questions for Chapter 1606, click the link below.

Are there any other FAQs for Chapter 33?

For additional Frequently Asked Questions for Chapter 33, click link:

I cannot find an answer to my question, is there any other VA site I can check for answer?

Yes, click link for more information: