Financial Aid & VA Offices

Feel free to contact the office at: (251) 405-7015, or one of the following:

Dr. Samuel Chuks, Manager Financial Aid and Veterans Services
Rochelle French Financial Aid Advisor/VA
Amber Snell Financial Aid Advisor/VA Certifying Official
Vera Figures Financial Aid Advisor
Karen Payne-Taylor Financial Aid Advisor
Alicia Goode Financial Aid Advisor
Deidre Austin Financial Aid Secretary
Kia Hunter

Vangie Anise

Financial Aid Secretary

Financial Aid Advisor



Important Dates

    1. Last Day to Withdraw

      October 10
    2. Final Exams for Mini-Term 1

      October 11 - October 12
    3. Mini-Term 1 Ends

      October 12
    4. Mini-Term 2 classes begin

      October 15
    5. Drop/Add Dates – Mini-Term 2

      October 15 - October 16

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