Coach Johnny D. Shelwood is a Native Mobilian and a product of the Mobile County Public School System. He is married to Melanie Rhodes Shelwood and they have five children, Johnny III, Justin (deceased), Leslie, Moya, and Jaala. Coach Shelwood is a member of Toulminville-Warren Street United Methodist Church.

He received a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education from Dillard University and a Master of Science in Physical Education from Indiana University.

The Mobile County Public School System afforded Coach Shelwood the opportunity to teach/coach at Central High School, Toulminville High School, and John L. Leflore High School.

As a teacher and head basketball coach, he has attained numerous Honors and Awards from the aforementioned high schools and Bishop State Community College. Coach Shelwood was also a 2016 inductee to the Mobile Sports Hall of Fame.