Social Sciences

The Division of Social Sciences offers courses in Criminal Justice, History, Psychology, Sociology, and Political Science. Students seeking an Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, or Associate in Applied Science degree must take a number of courses from within this division. In addition, students working on other degrees or certificates may also be required to take courses in the Social Sciences.

Students are expected to achieve competency in all Areas of their Degree Plan. Courses within the Social Sciences fall within Areas IV and V; students should refer to their STARS Guide to determine which courses may be applied toward Area V.


Department Faculty

Kit Nast, Ed.D., Division Chairperson, Psychology  |  251.405.7146  |

Frances Beech, Sociology  |  251.405.7145  |

Sarah Jurenka, History  |  251.405.7039  |

Caesar Smith, Th.D., History  |  251.405.7140  |

For degree requirements, see the Course Catalog. For current class offerings, see Class Schedules.