Medical Transcription

Medical Transcriptionists are vital members of the professional healthcare team. Medical transcriptionists provide an important service to both health care providers and health care consumers by transcribing (typing) dictated medical reports that document a wide range of information about patients. This may include office chart notes, history and physical examinations, consultations, letters, memos, admission notes, discharge summaries, operative reports, laboratory tests and diagnostic studies. Medical transcriptionists transcribe reports from a variety of medical specialties which becomes a part of a patient’s permanent healthcare record. Medical transcriptionists need extensive knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, pharmacology, human diseases, surgical procedures, diagnostic studies, and laboratory tests to produce an accurate and complete medical legal document.

Medical transcriptionists must have appropriate English, punctuation and grammar skills. The medical transcriptionist job, previously called medical steno and medical transcriber, continues to evolve with healthcare documentation requirements and technology advancements

Our medical transcription program is a certificate program consisting of 26 credit hours. This program is designed to prepare students for employment in various settings including, but not limited to, hospitals insurance companies, mental health facilities, nursing homes, physician offices, laboratories and other healthcare facilities. In addition, the new trend for medical transcriptionists is to work from their home.

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