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Apple coding and app development course offered at Bishop State

Bishop State is one of 10 community colleges from across the nation chosen to offer Apple Swift Coding. The curriculum is designed by Apple engineers and educators using Swift, one of the world’s most popular programming languages. The course teaches students how to code and design fully functional apps. Through this class, students gain critical job skills in software development and information technology.

The app development course was first offered at Bishop State in the Fall 2017 with more than 20 students enrolled in the class. There are no requirements, no prerequisites and no programming experience necessary. Previous experience with a MacBook is not needed as the class is designed to start teaching students the basics of computer programming.

Of the 10 community college selected to first offer the coding course, four community colleges – including Bishop State – are in Alabama. Since Fall 2017, more community colleges in the state have begun offering the app development course. Alabama is working toward becoming the only state to offer the Apple Swift Coding course at every community college in the state. Students can use what they learn in these classes to develop apps for personal use or for other small businesses. Students can also take their skills abroad and work for an app developing company.

There are three courses of Apple Swift Coding which are taught in two semesters. The first course is taught over a full semester to set the foundation. It allows instructors to teach slowly and progressively build on what students have learned throughout the course. The last two courses are taught in one semester in two mini-terms.

The cost to learn how to code at Bishop State can’t be beat. One app development class at Bishop State costs $444. Multiply that times three (for the number of courses) and your total comes to about $1,322. That price is much cheaper than just about any comparable boot camp you can attend – if you can find on in the area. Taking Apple Swift Coding at Bishop State provides you with time to truly learn the material and retain the information that is taught. Books are free (yep, that’s right) and the MacBooks and all other materials are provided with the class.

Bishop State paid great attention to detail when preparing to offer the coding class. The Apple lab is furnished with modular furniture, which makes it easy for students to move when working in groups. The instructors for the class attended a two-day training in Cupertino, California and were taught by Apple engineers themselves. Our instructors learned a little bit about each subject their future students would learn and also learned some hints and tips that would help students develop good apps.

There are already plans in the works to support further growth of Apple Swift Coding at Bishop State. The college is working toward dual-enrollment possibilities with our area high schools, and also wants to offer a summer coding camp for girls. Bishop State is also preparing to offer multiple sessions of the class. Right now the college has 30 MacBooks, seven iMacs, 10 iPods, 10 iPads, and a charging case for all of the devices. The college has basically duplicated the order in preparation of multiple class sessions being offered.

If you are interested in taking the Apple Swift Coding app development course at Bishop State, contact Ron Davis at 251-405-7204 or