Important Dates

    1. Final Exams

      December 12 - December 13
    2. Faculty Duty Day

      December 14 @ 8:00 am - 2:00 pm
    3. Final Exams

      December 17 - December 18
    4. Mini-Term 2 Ends

      December 18
    5. SAP Appeal Deadline

      December 18

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“See for Free” program helps you get your GED

Looking to get your GED? Bishop State can help!

Right now, Bishop State is offering a program called “See for Free” which will allow you to take the GED Ready practice test for free! You can also take the official GED test for free, if you make the necessary scores on the practice test, so sign up now!

What do you need to do? Simple.
1. Sign up with a local Adult Education Program.
2. Receive your FREE vouchers for GED Ready practice tests.
3. Create a MyGED account on
4. Earn a score of “Likely to Pass” on GED Ready.
5. Receive your FREE voucher for the GED Exam!

For more information about this program, check out the “See for Free” campaign flier.
If you have any additional questions, need assistance or to set up a test date, please call (251) 662-5370.