Important Dates

    1. Final Exams

      December 12 - December 13
    2. Faculty Duty Day

      December 14 @ 8:00 am - 2:00 pm
    3. Final Exams

      December 17 - December 18
    4. Mini-Term 2 Ends

      December 18
    5. SAP Appeal Deadline

      December 18

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Wildcat Cheerleader Auditions

Bishop State will hold its Wildcat Cheerleader auditions on April 18-20 from 4 pm-6 pm in the Fredericka G. Evans Gymnasium, on the 2nd Floor in the Dance Studio.

Open to high school seniors, current Bishop State students, and transfer students (male and female).

Those auditioning must attend all days of the auditions.

Full scholarships (tuition, fees, books) are available for qualifying students. Cheer experience (at least high school or all-star level) is required, and male students must have tumbling abilities (no exceptions).

Those auditioning must bring an updated physical form.

For more info, please contact Ms. Julie King at