Students seeking an Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, Associate in Applied Science, or Associate in Occupational Technologies degree must take courses within the division. Courses in Areas I and II of degree plans are taught in the Division of Humanities. Additionally, students may take elective courses to complete degree requirements in Area V in the Division of Humanities.


Department Faculty

Diana McNeil, Division Chairperson 251.405.7094
Janice Rodgers, American Sign Language 251.405.7027
Dr. Adrian Evans, English 251.405.7095
Dr. Linda Mobley Fantroy, English 251.405.7245
Julie King, English 251.405.7244
Nancy Lenoir, English 251.405.7181
Dr. Lashondra Robinson, English 251.405.7246
Beverly Little, Music 251.405.7206
Michael Poellnitz, Music 251.405.7186
Dr. Kim Smith, Speech 251.405.7180

For degree requirements, see the Course Catalog. For current class offerings, see Class Schedules.


Important Dates

  • Sun 11

    Final Exams (Day and Weekend)

    December 7 - December 13
    Mon 12
    Thu 15
    Fri 16

    Duty Days for Staff

    December 16 - December 22