Students seeking an Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, Associate in Applied Science, or Associate in Occupational Technologies degree must take courses within the division. Courses in Areas I and II of degree plans are taught in the Division of Humanities. Additionally, students may take elective courses to complete degree requirements in Area V in the Division of Humanities.


Department Faculty

Dr. Adrian Evans, Division Chairperson  |  251.405.7095  |
Janice Rodgers, American Sign Language  |  251.405.7027  |
Dr. Linda Mobley Fantroy, English  |  251.405.7245  |
Julie King, English  |  251.405.7244  |
Nancy Lenoir, English  |  251.405.7181  |
Dr. Lashondra Robinson, English  |  251.405.7246  |
Beverly Little, Music  |  251.405.7206  |
Michael Poellnitz, Music  |  251.405.7186  |
Dr. Kim Smith, Speech  |  251.405.7180  |

For degree requirements, see the Course Catalog. For current class offerings, see Class Schedules.


Important Dates

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