Health Related Professions

We offer a variety of health-related programs for students interested in helping others in their careers. Whether you’d like to become an emergency medical technician or a certified nurse assistant or pursue another related area, Health Professions has a program for you.


Classes held at Baker-Gaines Central Campus.

Department Faculty

William Thompson, Ed.D 251-405-4439
Annalesia Sharp 251- 405-4453
Courtney Sanderson 251-405-4454
Pamela M. Wehner, D.P.T. 251-405-4447
Emma Davidson 251-405-4483
Paula Duffy 251-405-4443
Nancy Edwards 251-405-4446
Cora Carter 251-405-4472
Vesta Fairley 251-405-4467
Emma Perry 251-405-4494
Kimberly Rawson 251-405-4481
Jacqueline Smith 251-405-4475
Kendra Strenth 251-405-4482
Andretta Taylor 251-405-4492
Michael Williams, D.N.S. 251-405-4464

For degree requirements, see the Course Catalog.  For current class offerings, see Class Schedules.


Important Dates

  • Sun 11

    Final Exams (Day and Weekend)

    December 7 - December 13
    Mon 12
    Thu 15
    Fri 16

    Duty Days for Staff

    December 16 - December 22