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The following are some additional pieces of advice offered by online instructors at Bishop State Community College that should help you succeed in your online courses.


  1. You MUST use your Bishop State Campus E-mail address for all of your online course(s). Check your email as often as possible (at least every other day). Please include your name, course, and section # in all emails.
  2. DO NOT FALL BEHIND! This is probably the most important piece of advice to follow when taking an online course – it is very easy to fall behind.
  3. Keep up with due dates. Use a calendar to keep track of when various assignments/tests are due.
  4. Log into the course the first day each unit opens for viewing so you know exactly what you will need to do during the week.
  5. Complete reading assignments immediately after they are assigned. Plan on reading all assigned readings several times, especially since you don’t have traditional lectures to attend.
  6. Read and follow all instructions very carefully.
  7. Compose all work outside of your course, and then copy/paste into the appropriate area. This will prevent you from losing your work if you get kicked off of the Internet. Check all work for correct spelling/punctuation, and keep a copy of everything that you turn in.
  8. If your instructor utilizes announcements, read them as soon as they are posted.
  9. If you have a problem, immediately send an email to your instructor – don’t be afraid to call your instructor if you don’t get a response.
  10. You may use any of the computers on campus to check your online courses while you are on campus, but it is recommended that you also have your own computer at home.


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