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Blackboard Navigation

navigation blackboard


You have now entered your Blackboard course site. Where do you begin? When you login to your course, you will always see the Announcements page with View Last 7 Days Announcements. You have a choice of the number of announcements you would like to view. Click the tabs, View Today,  View Last 30 Days, or View All to see announcements posted in those time periods by your professor.

navigation blackboard


Using the Navigation Buttons

You can navigate your course by using the menu on the left. Simply click on the item you would like to view. You can expand the menu by clicking Detail View.

The Course Map is a site map for all of the information your professor has in the Blackboard course. Simply click on Course Map to see a collapsible tree directory. The Course Map will open in a new window, so if you have your pop-up blocker on you will have to disable it or hold the Ctrl key while clicking on the link.

The following is a brief description of the menu items you might see and how your professor may use them.

navigation blackboard

The following is a brief description of the menu items you might see and how your professor may use them.

  • Announcements – Always read your announcements. This is where your professor will post critical information, reminders, etc.
  • Course Information – This area contains the course syllabus.
  • Staff Information – Not sure what your professor’s phone number is? Check here for your professor’s contact information and office hours.
  • Course Documents – Looking for information? Your professor will use this area to share content with you. The content may be in folders or learning units.
  • Assignments – Your professor may use this area to list your assignments. You may also be required to submit assignments through here. Don’t forget to check out the due dates!
  • Communication – The communication center allows you to send email, read and post messages
    to discussion boards, enter Collaboration center, and view group pages.
  • Discussion Board – Your professor may want you to answer questions outside of class. You can post messages and read other student postings in this area. This can also be accessed through the Communication link.
  • External Links – The professor may use this area to share links to web sites for outside learning materials.
  • Tools – This area contains the tools you can use in the Blackboard course site. You can edit your home page, submit files, add deadlines to your calendar, view your grades, and view your tasks.

Note: Your professor may rename, delete, or rearrange these menu items. Now let’s take a look at how you navigate the course content area.


Navigating the Content Areas

Content areas are arranged as a series of nested folders where each folder can contain items and other folders. Each content area folders page includes the location at the top, a navigation path, and the items the professor has included in that folder. The following icons will be in the content areas.

blackboard content areas


Navigating Tool Areas


blackboard tool area


A description of a few items you will find in the Tools section:/p>

  • Calendar – The Calendar allows you to view course calendar items by day, week, month or year.
  • My Grades – Your professor may enter your grades in the Blackboard course site. You can keep track of your progress in the course.
  • Tasks – The Tasks page organizes projects, defines tasks priorities, and tracks tasks status. You can create tasks and post them to the Task page. You can also post personal tasks to your page.
  • User Manual – If you are having trouble using Blackboard, use this student manual to find out how to complete different functions.


Tehnical Support

Blackboard Helpdesk for Bishop State Community College – Toll Free Number: 1-866-940-8994.